The “New” Math


Everybody is talking about Math.

At least, that’s how it seems. Teaching through Inquiry, the 3-Part-Lesson, Number Talks, High-Ceiling/Low Floor Questions. Less questions with deeper understanding….but how? How do I put it all together. I, brilliantly, decided to sign up for a Math-Lead position at my school.  It’s exciting and terrifying all at once. I really want to get all this and do better by my students but I’m also worried I’ll fail publicly and fantastically at it.  But let’s see if I can try to deconstruct what some of these ideas are and where the resources are too.

After a quick Google search (yes, that’s where I started…why not?) I found quite a few really interesting websites. So, to quell my fears and help me try to start to make sense of it all I’ve compiled them here. Once I start going to more PD I’ll share what I learn. Hopefully it will be a bit more focused.

The 3 Part Lesson Plan:

Inquiry/ Open Ended Questions

French Resources for Math:

This is just a start. There were so MANY websites (heck, there’s at least one whole school based on Inquiry that popped in the first search page) But to not completely overwhelm myself or any other reader (Is anyone actually reading this?) I will stop here, for now. Here’s hoping that my future PD will selp me synthesize some of this into a more helpful and palpable post.  In the meantime I at least have gathered all these sites in place that I can reference in the future.




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