Where I’m From


A month or two ago I went to a workshop on reluctant writers and was challenged to write a poem about where I’m from based on this poem. If you like the idea of doing this poem as an exercise with your class here is a template there are many to choose from.

It took me a long while to write it but here is it…be gentle!

Where I’m From

I’m from dragonflies and cattails,
From milkweed and stinging nettles
I’m from tall pines and ancient oaks
(bare branches scraggly,
Reaching and gnarly)
I am from the clear waters and strong currents of the Coulonge
From mud pies and raspberry bush scratches

I am from garden tomatoes and tractors
From Sharon and Richard
I’m from eeny-meeny and Stella-ella-hola
J’ai un beau château and “Francais, s’il-vous-plait”  

I’m from chlorine, cheerios and canal skates
From squeeky skis on snow

I’m from Fuocos and Raths,
From tourtière, spaghetti & strawberry rhubarb
From “G’day!”  and  “Ben, voyons!”
I’m from cherubic choir voices and camp fire sing-a-longs
From Charlie’s one room school house
and Andre’s deafening printing press
From union presidents and hippies
Teachers and nurses                                                                                                                         

Lawyers and cabinet makers,                                                                                                                   I’m from drafters and drifters 

I’m from songs sprung from words,
Stories told and retold                                                                                                          

Rowdy late nights and sun kissed early mornings
From card games and giggle fits
Memories foggy and sharp
Ever present and slipping through my fingers…


2 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. Wow! I could read this again and again and still enjoy. I hope you realize how powerful these images and memories are in offering your readers a glimpse of who you are. Thank you for the hard work of capturing where you’re from.


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