Helpful Teaching Websites & Apps


Over the years I have had so many resources and websites shared with me…but I can never seem to remember them all or I forget to bookmark them on different computers. This post is more about consolidating all the great sites that I have seen over the years. please comment below if you have other sites that you love or if you are wondering about a resource.  What are your favourite sites?

General Teacher Websites:  

Idello : Resources for Canadian teachers

Ontario Ministry of Education –I know, this is a little obvious, but, hey, it might as well be there.

National Archives of Canada


Fun Brain : Various activities & games for students

Mr. Nussbaum Various activities & games for students

Math Websites:

These websites are great for number talks or setting up 3 part lesson plans.

Mathies: online math tools to show how to use various math manipulatives

National Library of Visual Manipulatives

Tap Into Teen Minds  : How to teach intermediate math concepts

These websites are for reading about the “why” we do student centered math.

CODE-Ontario Directors

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

These are website that students could go to play math games:

Math Frog

Count On

Puzzle Playgrounds

A+ Math

Math Prodigy (see below in Applications)



Assistance Scholaire

Allo Prof -Great resource from Quebec

Carrefour Education -A resource sharing site from Quebec

(daily articles in kid friendly French & videos for listening)

Mr. Renaud -this website is full of elementary FSL activities

Pour Mieux Enseigner –TPT for French teachers

(Teachers Pay Teacher but with French resources)

École Branchee

(this site is all about the digital world and using it for education)

Accents : This gives you all the key commands for adding accents into Microsoft

Quia–FSL Games This sites allows you to access games made by other FSL teachers. You can make your own too.

TV5 Monde

FSL Activities/Resources for students: 


TFO (Television Franco-Ontarien)  -students can watch shows & play games in French

Ici Radio Canada–jeuness -French games & shows


Bon Patron -this site checks texts for all sorts of grammatical errors. It’s great to help students correct their work.

Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique – Online dictionary by the Quebec government

Beschrelle– Verb conjugation, Dictees & Games



Read Write Think


Media Smarts  -French and English resources

The Oatmeal – Funniest English Grammar Explanations & Posters

Social Studies/ History Geographie: 

Ontario Social Studies Teachers Association

Historica Canada

Culture Grams

Our Roots

The Canadian Parliament


*many of these links are for teaching Intermediate Health and specifically Sex Ed.  Please do not open these in front of your class the first time you check them out.


Teen Health

Always–Info for Teen Girls : Information  on periods &  teen pregnancy

An article about the effects of drugs

Middlesex Health Unit

Sex Etc.


Science Teachers of Ontario

Science World

The Science CentreScientists in the School

Government of Canada

Science Teachers of Ontario–Resources page


Class Dojo –Communicate with your students’ parents and post pictures & announcements in a Facebook style forum—that can only be seen by the people you invite. (so no one except the parents & you)

Plickers -Love this app. It allows you to quiz students with multiple choice or True or False question and gives you instant results. I find it useful as an “exit card” – This website allows various people to brainstorm or answer questions simultaneously. It’s fun but you might have to be careful as it doesn’t show who is writing what.

Math Prodigy – This website allows teachers to track their students math skills through an online game. Many of my students love this. I use it as something they can do when they are done, but you can also set up tests. through it.

Emaze – This website allows you to make interactive presentation online.





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